Not All Thermography is the Same

If you are considering thermography it is important to understand that not all thermography is the same.  There are four major things to consider when making thermography decisions.  

The Quality of the Camera:  

Florida Medical Thermography is proud to use the most technologically advanced camera in the world today.  There are other excellent cameras available but technology changes and we are at the forefront. Please see the article about our camera.

The Technical Support:  

Technical support is very important and Florida Medical Thermography works with Med-Hot, an international company with offices throughout the world.  They are leaders in thermography and offer excellent equipment, software, training and support.

The Technician:  

Another important differentiator in thermography is the technician. June Drennon has been a Certified Clinical Thermographer since 2008 and has done thousands of thermography scans over the years. She has often seen the value thermography offers in identifying risk factors and helping to prevent and monitor developing pathology.  

June believes that knowledge is power and is passionate about working with men and women who care about the state of their health and believe that prevention is better than detection. Florida Medical Thermography offers services in more than 30 medical and wellness offices throughout Florida.

The Interpreting Doctor: 

The next thing to consider is the doctor who interprets the reports. Florida Medical Thermography is very proud to have Christine Horner, M.D. interpreting all of our reports.  She is highly trained in Western Medicine and holds two board certifications in general surgery, as well as plastic surgery. Dr. Horner is also a nationally recognized expert in natural and preventative health and is the author of two award-winning books. She has an excellent perspective on both Functional and Conventional Medicine.

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