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Thermography Scan Fees & Descriptions

Breast Scan

The breast images are from the neck to below the breasts. The images are front, side views, each breast individually, under both breasts, under the armpits and the back. We are not just looking for cancer, we are looking for imbalances that may lead to problems in the future. Cancer does not develop overnight and the body exhibits certain characteristics before the cancer actually forms. There are many factors that can influence the health of the breast, such as: thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalances, lymphatic congestion, toxicity, calcification and more. Thermography can identify these concerns so that a plan can be put into action.


Women’s & Men’s Health Screen

Head, neck, chest, back, abdomen

The head and neck images can identify dental infections, TMJ, sinus issues, carotid artery disease, thyroid dysfunction and more. The chest images include the breast but also looks at the heart, lungs, esophagus and spinal problems. The abdomen can see if there is developing pathology in the bladder, uterus, colon, liver, gallbladder and more. The Health Screen is where most people like to start so they can have a thorough overview of the body and what areas may need to be addressed.


Full Body Scan, Female & Male

Head, neck, chest, back, abdomen, legs, arms, hands & feet

This scan is the same as the Health Study but also includes the arms, hands, legs and feet. This screening can be beneficial for someone with diabetes, neuropathy, blood clots, injuries, arthritis and more.


Patient Pre-Thermography Scan Instructions

Unless specifically instructed by your physician, you should wait at least three months after any form of surgery (including biopsy), the completion of chemotherapy or radiation before your scan.

Avoid any natural or artificial tanning for three (3) days prior to your scan.

You must not have had significant fevers (102° or more) within thirty-six hours of your scan or have any level of fever on the day of your scan. Refrain from a sauna, steam-room or hot/cold packs for at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to your scan.

There should be no new bruising, rashes or skin irritation on the day of your scan.

With your physician’s permission, please do not use the following medications for twelve hours prior to your scan: niacin or niacin patch (500 milligrams or more), nitroglycerin or any migraine medication.

Avoid any tobacco use or caffeinated coffee or tea consumption for two (2) hours prior to your scan. Avoid vigorous exercise, bathing or showering for one (1) hour prior to your scan.                                   

Long hair should be worn up or pulled back off your shoulders prior to being scanned.                                                                                                        

For Breast Imaging: Avoid any vigorous physical stimulation, examination or compression of the breasts (self or clinical examination, ultrasound or mammogram) for at least three days prior to your scan.

Do not use any skin creams, lotions, deodorants or powders that may cause inflammation on your breasts or underarms on the day of your scan. We recommend women wear a blouse and pants or skirt to your scan and please do not wear an underwire bra to the exam.                                                                                                       

For Men: The “Men’s Health Scan” or “Full Body Scan” will require that your abdomen is revealed so it is best to wear brief underwear or a “Speedo”. You will not be required to remove your underwear.

Review Before Your Appointment

In order to keep appointments running smoothly, please download and fill out your forms prior to your appointment.

Forms to Download

We do not require that you fill out a Health Questionnaire, we prefer to go over the questions with you during your appointment to assure accuracy. We do need the HIPAA form and we will have one for you if you do not bring it with you.

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